LED-Tiles C25 welcome guests at EVRY Sweden

CompanyVOID AS
Lead DesignerMikkel Cornelius Lehne
CategoryEntertainment Lighting / LED Lighting Products and Fixtures
DateJune 2017
LocationStockholm Sweden, Germany
The entrance area for the EVRY Sweden office in Stockholm was redesigned in 2017. The company Void AS with the team by managing director Mikkel Cornelius Lehne was involved from the beginning in the conception and execution of the elaborate project. Key elements of the new entrance area are a video-playable ceiling and a seven-step staircase, which contains abstract graphics, texts and corporate elements. The stairs of the entrance area set 392 LED tiles C25 in scene. The LED tiles C25 are small multimedia elements. They communicate and bring motion to walls, floors, counters, light boxes and other decorative elements. Due to a matrix arrangement of the LED-Tiles, large-scale video effects can be realised. Due to their practical dimensions, the series C LED tiles can be adapted to almost any lighting situation. Each LED can be individually color calibrated and colours that are critical for RGB Systems, like white and pastel shades, can be controlled more precisely.