Aerelight A1 OLED Lamp

Lead DesignerRay Kwa
CategoryDesk Lamps, Floor Lamps
DateJune 2015
LocationToronto, Canada
The Aerelight A1 desk lamp brings cutting edge, energy-efficient OLED light out of research labs and into your hands. For the first time in history, we have a light source that is not a bulb, but a thin sheet of uniform, warm light. Made from organic materials, OLED delivers the illumination of a traditional 60W bulb while consuming 80% less energy. The ultra-thin profile of the Aerelight A1 lamp is only possible with OLED, casting a wide footprint of warm glare-free light. The seamless metal frame delivers functional illumination while providing visual and physical balance. OLED emits light in broad smooth spectrums creating natural looking light that is free of UV and IR emission. OLED is characterized by low heat emission, uniquely making it a light that's safe to touch. This inspired the lamp’s simple and intimate user interface. Three brightness levels are controlled by touch activation anywhere on the frame and the base conceals a convenient wireless charger for mobile devices.