Lead DesignerRonen Bavly & Magentaworkshop
CategoryInteractive Lighting Products / Hanging Lights
LocationJerusalem, Israel, Israel
It all started when Ronen Bavly had to install a lighting fixture over his daughter's bed. His search for new materials led him to find unusual connectors that became the heart of the project. What started as a personal challenge became an impressive public art instalation with Magentaworkshop. This light installation is an entire electricity-conducting space, as light fixtures can be connected at any point by passers. The walls and ceiling of the custom space are covered with metal strips, with each strip functioning respectively as a plus or minus wire. The strips are connected by means of bridges, thus creating an entire electricity-conducting room. Connecting a light fixture between the metal strips closes a circuit and lights them up. The wires are attached by snaps, which in turn create a random interactive graphic pattern on the wall. Materials: White metal sheets Snaps Cotton LED (V12) Exhibited: Fresh Paint ,Israel, 2014 DMH, Israel, 2014-2015 DMH Collection