Just Another Lamp

Lead DesignerMOS
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateOctober 2017
LocationBarcelona, Spain
The idea behind JAL “Just Another Light” was to create a lamp based in the simplicity of its shapes and the pureness of its material. Use your imagination to customize the JAL, personalized it and make it yours. Place it here and there, make it fun or keep it classy. The design of the bulb holder is based on two cones joined together, a tribute to an iconic design, the Sand Clock. Glass was the chosen material for the lamp because of the floating effect to the bulb. The glass used for JAL is handcraft one by one. This way each lamp is different and unique. JAL comes with two different sizes and a variety of finishes. These are the main ingredients to customize your JAL. Start your JAL project: Enlighten your imagination! Bulb floating effect Enlighten your Imagination Simplicity of shapes and pureness of its material Handcraft - each lamp is different Variety of finishes