wittenberg 4.0

Companystudio dinnebier/mawa design GmbH
Lead DesignerJan Dinnebier
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateMay 2016
LocationMichendorf, Germany
wittenberg 4.0 system is notable for its extremely minimalist and compact form, whose clean look is not marred by screws, bolts or wires. The outstanding functionality and lighting quality of the wittenberg 4.0, as well as the superb quality of the product as a whole, make this luminaire an appealing solution for many contemporary interiors. The whole spotlight serie impresses through a effective glaresuppressing illuminating surface and ability to pivot 90° and rotate 365°. A further advantage is the compact design – an elegant housing reduced to the technically possible minimum. The whole spotlight can be demounted rapidly thanks to the bayonet – Patent pending. Tech. Info: LED, 12,7W, 700mA, CRI typ. 92, High CRI typ. 98, 2700K/1100lm, 3000K/1200lm, 4000K/1350lm, >50.000h Components/Accessories: exchangeable lenses 12°,24°, 38°, honeycomb raster, shutter, light shaping diffuser Design: Jan Dinnebier/mawa engineering Company: mawa design, Licht- und Wohnideen GmbH