The Prudential Center at 888 Boylston Street

CompanyMikyoung Kim Design
Lead DesignerMikyoung Kim
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateJune 2016
LocationBoston, MA, United States
A collection of tall, slender, stainless steel light columns with wind vanes, standing nearly fifteen feet tall, are positioned among a grove of trees within planters to provide a whimsical and vibrant experience as they change color based on the intensity of the wind. Each of the 44 light columns are custom fabricated using a single metal strand that wraps around structural rods to create a delicate spiral translucent screen that is densely wound at the base and gradually opens towards the sky. An anemometer installed on the roof provides wind velocity data to the color-changing LED light fixtures mounted within the base of each light columns. The light projects upward to illuminate a mirrored-finish base at the cap of each light column and projects a play of light on the ground plane. The rotating wind vanes work together with the LED lights to transform the plaza into a living wind diagram. The anemometer signals the lights to change color to a gradient defined by NOAA wind data.