CompanyJan Flook Lighting and Fabio Ongerato
Lead DesignerJan Flook and Ben Kluger
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateFebruary 2017
LocationJackalope Hotel Mornington Peninsular, Australia
An installation spanning over 81 square meters and including 11,000 incandescent lamps but consuming only 300w of energy, this installation offers the dinners at Jacalope Hotel the most extraordinary experience. Controlled by dmx system controlling 150 2w LED with 8 variations of pattern offer a variety of moods including the effect of bubbling champagne (Moet). The fixture is also flexible enough in its variations to host a number of alternative evens in the space. The concept by Fabio Ongerato was lovingly brought to life by Jan Flook Lighting and the team worked together to meet the clients requests, to hide the services that lurk un noticed behind the shimmering surface of lamps, and to be associated with the making of wine, the original function of the Willow Creek winery where the hotel resides.