The Ribbon, Genting Highland Casino Installation

CompanyMSCHO Studio Ltd.
Lead DesignerMin Sang Cho
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateSeptember, 2017
LocationMalaysia, United Kingdom
The Ribbon is a hand-crafted lighting sculpture designed to be customised in shape and size to suit the space. A single segment of the Ribbon measures at 1.2m length if straightened. Each segment is fitted with 3 number 400mm length flexible OLED panels on one side whilst the opposite solid side is finished with 24ct gold leaf. This double side design is created with an intention to bring out reflections of light when multiple segments are interacting in the installation. The project in the pictures is an installation of the Ribbon at VIP reception of Genting Highland Casino in Malaysia. The installation consists of 9 segments of 1.2m length units which measure at 4m in width and 1m in depth. The Ribbon draws a rather dominant flow of light in the air whilst filling the space with a heartwarmingly soft ambient light. Thanks to non-glare nature of the OLED light, the luminaire creates an intensive illustration of illumination without being visually intrusive.