CompanyLake + Wells
Lead DesignerMark Kinsley
CategoryChandeliers / Designer and Custom Lighting
DateJanuary 2017
LocationChicago, United States
Jax poetically juxtaposes the machined with the handcrafted, reinterpreting the traditional crystal chandelier for a different time and place. The body is made from high-precision aluminum, extruded or machined, and satin anodized. High-powered LEDs and hand-polished solid crystals form light sources. A subtle chamfer crosses both materials, nodding to the archetypal cuts of chandelier prisms. Jax is completely customizable and can be arranged in a variety of layouts, tailored to a space. Comprised of modular elements that quickly lock together on-site, Jax becomes a never-ending network of sculptural ceiling and wall fixtures. Materials: Anodized Aluminum (silver, black, champagne, bronze) and Solid Crystal (clear, smoke, frost)