CompanyJan Flook Lighting
Lead DesignerJan Flook and Fabio Ongarato
CategoryChandeliers / Designer and Custom Lighting
DateMarch 2017
LocationJackalope Hotel, Balnarring Mornington peninsular, Australia
A custom ceiling luminaire incorporating over 
10,000 filament lamps and covering over 
81 Sq meters providing multi purpose illumination and
 sequenced effect for the boutique "Jacalope" Hotel Mornington Peninsular. The fixture was designed to take up as little space in elevation as possible and hide a number of services present in the open ceiling cavity whilst remaining true to the concept of fermentation and wine associated semantics. It also had to be versatile enough to allow for multiple dinning options below while still providing a functional warm and soft light emission. 
 The idea of a bubbling champagne fermentation process was presented using a combination of LED and traditional lamps with amber colouration utilising the efficiency and longevity of LED. In fact using only 450w max over the entire 81sqm. 
A sequencer was used to further accentuate the fermentation analogy with the slow rising of light output, then arbitrarily rapidly dimming to simulate bubbles bursting.