Sonneman Abstract Panels

CompanySONNEMAN - A Way of Light
Lead DesignerRobert Sonneman
CategoryWall Sconces
DateFebruary 2017
LocationNew York City, United States
Presenting a fresh alternative for biophilic design, Abstract Panels is a new collection of sculpturally artistic sconces that features LED illumination emitted through the layered voids of abstract-shaped panels. These river stone shapes infuse the surface mounted panels with a natural essence. Used individually or set in composition with others, Abstract Panels brings an intriguing tone of sculptured art to a surface, wall or ceiling. This collection of sconces comes in textured white, and is available in a Small 2-Plate LED Sconce, Large 2-Plate LED Sconce, or a 4-Plate LED Sconce. “Driven to discover new insight and to test boundaries, our creative process achieved a new wave of sculptural expression. In our pursuit of technology-driven design, we took functional decorative to a fresh aesthetic with new forms and materials,” says designer Robert Sonneman.