The Ship

  • Lead Designer
    Robert Jamieson
  • Location
    New York, NY, United States

The overall design project was for a NYC cocktail bar/restaurant named 'The Ship'. The concept was to make whimsical nods at the name by using materials and that evoked the feeling of 'The Ship' without being the literal embodiment of one. Our firm specializes in using reclaimed and modern materials in unique ways. At an architectural salvage yard in Belgium, we came across these vintage ship ventilation shafts. They varied in size from about 12 inches to over 8 feet long and 200lbs. They had incredible color and patina consistent with their age and original use and we knew immediately we had the makings of a dramatic lighting installation for the double height space we were creating. The ventilation shafts were handpicked based on their color and varying size then arranged inverted from the ceiling in apparently random direction, giving a unique perspective from every viewing angle. A single light was installed out of view so each fixture projected a gentle glow of the color inside.