Dubai Opera

  • Company
    neolight global
  • Lead Designer
    Alan Mitchell, Alessandro Ayanian, Gary Thornton, James Surla
  • Location
    Dubai, UAE, United Kingdom

The brief was to create a fully flexible environment that showed off the stunning architecture in the best manner at night whilst still being extremely energy and cost efficient. The brief required an emphasis on the strong architectural elements such as the “dhow” feature. This was taken as an opportunity by neolight to consider this as the main beacon and focus of the lighting design. A beautifully creative solution was produced using diffuse light located within the main structural columns that bathe the wooden walls of auditorium “dhow” in a golden softness, bringing it to life at night. LEDs hidden in the columns are high output, high efficiency RGBW for a lovely warm white output and the potential for full colour change for any specific show requirements. It goes without saying that there were careful budgetary considerations to meet as well as the strict guidelines of the Dubai Green Building Code