Solid State Lighting Design

January 29, 2019

LIT Prize-Winning LED Lighting Scheme at Squarespace with Ketra LED Lighting and Controls

Squarespace is a company that provides a web-based content management platform to build and host custom websites and blogs. The companies headquarters are in the Soho section of New York City. Squarespace was voted one of the top ten places to work in New York City in 2014. The company’s approach to lighting design and employee comfort is a testament to their desire to make the firm a great place to work.

Squarespace hired lighting design firm, Lighting Workshop to create the lighting scheme for their office. Steven Espinoza, Doug Russell, and Juhee Woo of Lighting Workshop developed the lighting scheme for the company. It is this dynamic lighting scheme that made the team a prize winner in the designer of the year category of the LIT Lighting Design Awards.

The lighting design firm chose Austin-based LED lighting company Ketra as the supplier of LED lighting for the space. Unlike some other lighting companies, Ketra understands the importance of providing Natural Light to employees. Lighting Workshop created a lighting scheme that leverages Ketra LED lighting and controls.

Squarespace Offices Combine Natural Light with Ketra LED Lights

Ketra LED lights combine with natural light to create the right color temperature for optimizing productivity during the day. The LED lights dynamically shift as the natural light from the sun brightens in the morning and fades as the sun goes down. The daylight sensors detect these changes and the system adjusts the LED lights accordingly.

In the morning the lights take on more a bluish tint to stimulate and help wake up employees. The system also employs occupancy sensors throughout the 90,000 square foot space. The occupancy sensors dim or turn off lights in areas not being used to save electricity.

The system includes 1,110 G2 Linear, 258 A20 Lamps, 1,264 S38 Lamps, 14 S38 Track Adapters, 99 N3 Controllers, 75 X1 Touchpads. The Ketra LED lighting system allows master control over the entire installation along with local control over individual spaces. The light settings can also be customized for parties and events.