Roger Narboni

CONCEPTO / Concepter Lumière / Lighting Designer

Roger Narboni is an award winning independent French lighting designer, who launched a new discipline called Light Urbanism in 1987. In 1988, he established his practice, CONCEPTO lighting design studio, near Paris. During his more than 30 years of practice, he has realized more than 130 lighting master plans and numerous landscape, urban, and architectural lighting projects in France and abroad. Recognized as a leading expert on lighting master planning and city lighting strategies, he regularly teaches and lectures at conferences around the globe including the Professional Lighting Design Conference, the CLD ITMO University Lighting Conference, Lighting Up Jerusalem and many others.

CONCEPTO is internationally known for its expertise in light urbanism and lighting master plans, nightscape, urban and architectural lighting, natural lighting, interior lighting, and design of light furniture. Roger Narboni is also an author on lighting design, having published Lighting The Landscape in 2016. The lighting projects featured in his book include road lighting, square & park lighting, architectural façade lighting, bridge lighting and furniture lighting schemes, each with detailed plans, diagrams, sketches to demonstrate the lighting techniques involved.


Past Jury