Peter van der Kolk

Peter van der Kolk

John Cullen Lighting / CEO

Peter van der Kolk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of John Cullen Lighting Limited, is an international business and technology expert in the professional lighting industry. Based in London, Peter has over 20 years international business experience. Peter came over from The Netherlands to the UK in the early 90s as an international exchange student at Middlesex University, where he successfully graduated as a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and Management. He started his career in the mid 90s in the area of wireless data communication and manufacturing.

Peter held several international business positions including Royal Philips Electronics to roll-out fibre optic networks across Europe, which today are used for Internet, VOIP and Video on Demand services. At the start of the millennium Peter used his experience to move into the professional lighting industry, where today he remains active in developing new business through developing state-of-art LED lighting solutions and services at John Cullen Lighting. For over 6 years he has been contributing as the Chairman of the worldwide digital lighting standard DALI, which today enjoys members across Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

In 2012 Peter completed his MBA (Technology and Management) and his passion for Technology and Management has continued at John Cullen Lighting where he is growing the company’s unique Lighting Design and Product Development & Manufacturing activities. Recently he expanded the company abroad by setting up a new John Cullen regional office in Dubai.

Peter strongly believes developing the Company’s in-house design and manufacturing competences in the UK aiming to contribute to increasing local knowledge and innovations. He supports society by giving young talent study placement opportunities, through collaborating with universities such as Brunel University.

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