Orlando Marques & Thiago Gaya

L+D Magazine / Editor in Chief & Publisher

Orlando Marques, Editor in Chief of L+D Magazine – Orlando graduated in architecture and urban design from the Santos Catholic University in Santos, Brazil and has a Master degree in Architectural Lighting Design from KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working with architectural lighting since 2002 on projects across numerous markets including Brazil, the Middle East, South Africa and the USA.

Orlando is the co-founder of MS+M Lighting Design Associates, located in São Paulo, Brazil and the Editor-in-chief of the Brazilian L+D Magazine, a printed and online lighting architectural lighting design publication. He is also co-curator of the LEDforum, an annual international lighting event, now entering into its 10th year.

Orlando is an Associate member of the International Association of Lighting Designers – IALD, the Illumination Engineering Society of North America – IESNA – and the Brazilian Association of Lighting Architects – AsBAI.

Thiago Gaya, Publisher of L+D Magazine – Thiago has a degree in business administration from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from the University of São Paulo – FEA-USP and a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC-SP. He is the founding partner of the Editora Lumière, the company responsible for the publication of the Lumière Electric (est. 1998), which specializes in electrical installations and illumination. He also launched the L + D Magazine (est. 2005) and is the Publisher of the publication which is dedicated to architectural lighting design.

Thiago is the founder and co-curator of the LEDforum, an annual international lighting event, next year the event will host its 10th anniversary. He is also co-author of several books including the Lighting Design Brasil, 2002 and the Lighting Design Europe, 2004.

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