concept of energy efficient accessories in wearable technologies

CompanyCLD ITMO University
Lead DesignerValeriia Molodovskaya
CategoryEnergy Saving Lighting
Datenovember 2017
LocationSt.Petesburg, Russian Federation
The concept of the jewellery is based on the use of the material capable of developing and monitoring three types of energy sources. The aim of the jewellery design is to define and search for the new effective ways of human power energy generation and its transformation into a source of light, heat and electricity. The uniqueness of the product is reflected in a simple and innovative approach enabling each person to contribute to energy saving by using multifunctional accessories:  A ring, harvesting light energy and heat from the user. The accumulated light energy can for example be transformed into night light for infants.  A bracelet, harvesting light energy and heat to charge mobile devices (e.g. phone or mp3 player).  A necklace, accumulating light energy and heat and also controlling the user’s blood pressure.