Companyarchitopia_ in collaboration with Die Lichtidee
Lead DesignerCHRISTINE DETERING | Dipl.Ing. | TUM |
CategoryLED Interior Systems / Healthcare Lighting
DateNovember 2017
LocationGermany / Landsberg am Lech, Germany
DAYLIGHT DESIGN CONCEPT: The dynamics and the vibrancy of the water is mimicked by the blue-green glass walls. They act as a filter screen for the daylight changing their colours all day long. THE PLAZA CONCEPT: It resolves the congested areas in the 25meter long and narrow corridor. The 3 plazas receive their light from the three extra large but thin lightrings – Circulo Slim - by Sattler. Each ring has an impressive diameter of 1,90meter. GUIDING THEME STUCCO INVERSO: To appeal to the more historic second wing of the practice, we created the idea of “inverse plastering”. The structures were studied and used as a “guiding theme”. The use of light transformed the “spacial negatives” back into “spacial positives”. THE LIGHT WAVE: The clear arch geometry resembles the historical plastering patterns – but the wave has a life of its own. It is not limited to the corridor but rather connects all the “public” areas of the practice in a visual way.