CompanyLichtvision Design GmbH
Lead DesignerRaoul Hesse
CategoryEnergy Saving Lighting
DateSeptember 2016
LocationGermany, Germany
The Saarpolygon is a symbol of the profound change of the industrial landscape in Saarland after the ending of the mining era. It is the reminiscence of the age-long coal mining tradition and at the same time points to the prospective development of the region. As landmark on the heap Duhamel it is visible from several kilometers distance and forms a look-out with panoramic view into the surrounding Saar valley. Together with the changing lighting conditions between night and day the appearance of the three-dimensionally entangled geometry alters with the movement of the beholder around the heap plateau. In doing so the silhouette of the landmark forms variable figures from different points of view that can be associated e.g. with symbols of the mining industry like abstracted hammer and pick, winding tower or a gate to the future.