Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Lead DesignerDonn Salisbury & Catriona Venn
CategoryWorkplace Lighting
DateOctober 2015
LocationPerth, Australia, Australia
Corrs Chambers Westgarth is a boutique Australian law firm. Their Perth office was in need of an upgrade & its small space required a major, but mindful statement. The lighting design is an example of restraint & precision,with deep-seated integration that allows the lighting to exist as a dignified expression of the architecture. The interior design was focused on sharp sophistication,combined with elegant simplicity & natural finishes.The blade concept of the lobby’s design provides a stunning canvas of metallic finishes & geometric forms,cleverly stitched together to create an organic surround with depth and texture.The lighting had to fit hand in glove,delicately but deliberately woven into the space. The combination of concealed & exposed fittings with miniature focused point sources,balanced to draw just the right amount of illumination to the main desk & varying finishes of the blades,whilst mindful of consistency in approach to enhance the repetitive forms & volume of the space