Sayn Iron Works Foundry

CompanyLicht Kunst Licht AG
Lead DesignerAndreas Schulz, Johannes Roloff
CategoryHeritage Lighting
DateJune 2015
LocationBendorf, Germany, Germany
The Sayn Foundy was built in 1830 as a part of a Prussian iron casting facility. With its airy construction of glass and iron it has become a prototype of great architecture within European industrialization. It was rediscovered for its architectural importance as an “iron cathedral” and is now a cultural monument. To meet the expectations of a versatile utilization concept, a fully controllable lighting design was realized, using exclusively LED luminaires, accentuating the architecture's attributes and creating nuanced compositions of the nocturnal edifice. The western façade provides the central view along the path the iron once took, up to the back wall where the furnace was located. The illumination emphasizes the lightness and transparency of the basilica-like layout, causing its internal illuminated to contrast against the landscape. The precise and careful illumination makes the Sayn Foundry glow from within, alluding to its history and giving it a warm, yet rugged, appearance.