Lead DesignerAZBcreative
CategoryHotel and Restaurants Lighting
DateApril 2017
Location267 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
We were asked to design a restaurant to work with the concept of a high quality roastery. The client wanted to capture the essence of Viking heritage, without creating a theme restaurant. In Norse legend, Mjolner is the name of Thor’s mighty hammer, and the starting point for our concept. From the discrete entry door marked with a delicate metal representation of Thor’s hammer to the bow of a Viking longboat, the details are everything. A strong story emerged, fusing history, mythology and modern dining, which became our reference for the intricate design details and custom elements, using both the latest technologies and the oldest crafting methods. We also designed a large carving station to be a signature element and a memorable part of a night out at Mjolner. The station features a gigantic wooden carving board and a large brass motif of Yggdrasil, the Viking tree of life.