Hotel Mono

Lead DesignerWilliam Chan
CategoryHotel and Restaurants Lighting
DateAugust 2015
Location18 Mosque Street, Singapore, Singapore
Hotel Mono is a striking new landmark in the historic Chinatown area in Singapore, the result of an extensive refurbishment of six early-1900s conservation shophouses. Once a rundown budget hotel, the independent hotel now radiates with a minimalist, yet assertive design language. The hotel’s design was conceptualised to appeal to young social-media-savvy travellers who place a high value on design in their choice of accommodations, and this proposition is backed by affordable room prices. Faced with poor site conditions, as well as budget and time constraints, I used simple low-cost materials to create high design value. Examples include the old-school mosaic used in the bathrooms, which is also a nod to the history of the buildings; and the 38mm-thick hollow black metal bar which not only provides a different and dramatic visual in each room, but also serves as clothing racks, and light casings, which is only possible due to advancements in LED technology.