HCC - Hannover Congress Centre

Companylichtgestaltende ingenieure vogtpartner
Lead DesignerChristian Vogt, Matthias Wilcken-Frey, Andreas Gut
CategoryInterior Architectural Illumination
DateFebruary 2016
LocationHannover, Germany, Switzerland
The lighting design team of vogtpartner was proudly commissioned to illuminate Germany’s largest, recently renovated concert hall at the Hannover Congress Centre. The new lighting bestows even more splendour to the hall while flexibly accommodating both large and small venues. New, highly specular pendants light the stage and suspended acoustic elements to create a floating “cloud of light.” White, blue and RGBW LEDs were integrated into the design to provide various backdrops and lighting scenarios for both musical performances and festive gala events. Carved reliefs, such as the zodiac signs and the so-called “light goddess”, which had been walled up for decades, have again been exposed on upper-level walls and accentuated with precise, focused light. These sculptured, historical reliefs complement the overall ambience, becoming festive, architectural elements that retell the historical origins of the building.