CompanyShanghai Ruiyi Design
Lead DesignerGUOJIAN HU
CategoryLight Art Project
DateOCTOBER, 2017
LocationSHANGHAI, China
At the end of 2015, both Jing'an District and Zhabei District, located in the center of Shanghai, were announced to be merged into a new district. To commemorate this event, the government expected to build a unique installation at the junction of two districts, as a symbol of unity and cooperation. Hengfeng Road Bridge is a vital transportation link between two districts. It was built in an ordinary form in 1980s with few decoration. The concept comes from string game to highlight the commitment to collaboration of two districts in the future. Laser light is the best technical way to display the strings of light for the concept. The laser installation is separated into three parts, the generator, the optical reflector and the receiver. All the parts are integrated into a road lighting pole. All the old road poles are replaced by the new ones without occupying any more urban space which achieves the bureau’s purpose.