Wondrous Uplighter

CompanyCHANG Architects
Lead DesignerChang Yong Ter
CategoryHanging Lights
DateMay 2017
LocationWondrous Light Children's House, Singapore, Singapore
The task: To sensitively illuminate an old shophouse space for children’s activities, for a conducive and delightful lighting ambience without causing glare. The various options were considered: Downlights - the direct throw was harsh; stand-alone uplighter - a concern for children’s safety; wall-mounted uplighter - opted out as the walls were for children’s artworks. These constraints point to a solution: A form of uplighter hung from the ceiling. The eventual design: A stainless-steel wok hung from a cotton net hand-weaved by Grandpa, with a ring of warm LEDs placed within the wok. The resultant lighting effect has been wondrous. The space is bright but softly lit; the ceiling is not glaring, but cast with interesting patterns of shadows, a visual delight itself. Wondrous Uplighter offers a simple and effective lighting solution. It creates an attractive, comfortable, and conducive ambience for the children, with a language that is both contemporary and traditional.