CoeLux® ST

CompanyCoeLux S.r.l
Lead DesignerPaolo Di Trapani
CategoryCeiling Lights
DateNovember 2016
LocationLomazzo, Italy
Imagine the warm light of the sun glimpsing into the room, illuminating objects and casting their shadows, blue-tinged by the diffused light of the sky. This is CoeLux® ST: a compact module, suitable for many different settings, creating an artificial window facing a luminous sky, traversed by the rays of a bright sun. No matter how large or small the space is, you will always experience an infinite depth beyond the window and a unique sense of opening towards the vast expanse of the outdoors. The main distinguishing feature of CoeLux® ST, is that the sun is not directly visible. Sun rays reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the louver, miming the interaction of the sunlight. Alternatively, they may only hit the window light-well and make it shine as stone-walls reflecting natural sunlight. CoeluxST reproduces the full depth of the sky even when the light is extremely dimmed. CoeLux successfully reproducing the experience of a real window.