Prop Ceiling System

CompanyGraypants, Inc.
Lead DesignerJonathan Junker
CategoryDesigner and Custom Lighting
DateSeptember 2017
LocationSeattle, United States
The strength of Prop Panels lies in their ability to be endlessly combined into a modular ceiling system. Simply mount any strut or grid system to the ceiling of a space, spaced on a two-foot grid. The mounting points of the Prop Panels work with this simple spacing, allowing for convenient design and installation. Two optional inserts are available to address the lighting and acoustic needs of a space. The first is a thin LED panel designed to evenly distribute light, and the second is a thin felt acoustic pad, helping to dampen ambient sound. In addition, Prop Panels can easily accommodate and work around sprinkler systems and HVAC needs. Prop Panels aren’t limited to large spaces, and can be combined in an endless variety of patterns and densities. As they can also function as standalone chandeliers, single or sparse installations can help break up any space. A single Prop Panel measures 4 feet wide and weights 4 to 16 pounds depending on the inserts used.